The food and drugs they approve are not safe for the environment.

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Modern civilization has changed the type of food people intake.

The vice president of the United States does not consider food safety important.

In fact, everyone has their own unique favorite foods and drinks.

For assignment number two, we were to read the article titled, "Should consumers be concerned about bio-engineered crops? ? This article contains two major claims. The claim we are focused on is by William Freese which is, genetically altered corn has contaminated foods and may make people sick.
In the case about genetically altered crops, especially directed towards Aventis CropScience and other bio-tech companies, the author presents many arguments supporting his claim. One of the first arguments is that Cry9C, a protein in StarLink corn, might cause serious allergic reactions if ingested by humans. Another argument is that Cry9C has contaminated tens of millions of supermarket products due to the negligence of Aventis. A third argument is that genetically engineered genes could exert "pleiotropic, ? or unintended, effects. The fourth argument in this article supporting the claim is, genetic engineering represents the latest phase in the relentless industrialization of agriculture that has degraded our farmlands and environment and laced our foods with toxic chemicals.
Not only does this author give arguments about the claim, he also gives plenty of evidence to back it up. First of all, 200 people have suffered from allergic reactions to StarLink. At least 94 of these individuals sought medical attention and 20 of them visited emergency rooms. A second argument is that more than 80 seed brands are now contaminated with things such as blood thinners and rabies vaccine. This also clearly demonstrates that cross-pollination occurs at much greater distances than once believed. Another piece of evidence given is that since 1997 Aventis and the Government have known that StarLink's Cry9C protein probably is glycosylated.
In this article there are few arguments and evidence against the claim do to its one sided opinion. One argument against is that contamination is

Cross Contamination may affect you in life and in the food industry.

This training program, “Food Safety through the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System in 1973,” was the first published use of the term “HACCP (Sperber, 2009).” The first steps of creating a HACCP plan are called the preliminary steps; this first includes assembling a HACCP team and bringing together the reso...

Storing your food in the proper conditions is the first step in proper food safety....

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If rats’ immune systems become compromised after eating GM foods, humans, who have been ingesting these foods for about two decades should be able to make informed decisions to prevent any health issues from arising....

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Giuseppe Nacci, an Italian physician published an article in the Gerson Institute Newsletter, which brought to light that “genetically modified foods disrupts the body’s ability to fight disease.

Food production, along with the human population, needed to be significantly increased as well.

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A few of the main worries include, the improper handling of food products, the lack of proper control of the temperature in which the foods are kept, the concerns of cross-contamination, the lack of proper equipment for the loading of food products before they are transported to other area on the country and the lack of security....

(WHO, 2010) What’s more, the food security influences more on the health of the people.


“The flavor industry is highly secretive (Why the Fries Taste Good).” The flavor industry companies will not let anyone know who uses their products or what formulas they use to make specific flavors or aromas for the food....

Food irradiation is being looked at as a potential solution to the problem.

Food safety is a growing concern globally

The FDA regulates food, prescription and over the counter drugs, cosmetics, veterinary and tobacco products, vaccines, electronics such as those that give off radiation as well as x-ray machines, and medical devices.