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Tocqueville and Weber write about the spirit of democracy and what makes America great. Does it still hold true or is it merely a myth? Using your own life as a lens, and the lives of people we learn about in class—is the American dream a reality or was it always a myth?

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Choose a Topic
Base your paper on one of the following topics. For each
topic, you’ll argue for or against the proposition. You must
choose to either defend or reject the proposition you select. In
that context, you’ll state the pros and cons of the proposition
as you defend your position (whether you agree or disagree
with the proposition).
1. Socialization. Many sociological sources maintain that
the family has the responsibility for socializing children
to a basic understanding of societal norms. Proposition:
When socialization fails, the parent(s) should be held
2. Deviance. Proposition: The main purpose of a prison
sentence should be reforming the offender.
3. Economy. Proposition: The American Dream is more of a
myth than a reality.

Is the American dream now a myth?

This nation of ours is unique. You may not realize it and most ofus surely take it for granted. We may complain about the economy butjust try explaining the Price Club to a Russian or a Cuban or aNigerian! We may complain about our government or our President butin how many other countries is the press free to report the leadersindiscretions. We have so much and yet we complain so much...actually I think it is the ability to complain that makes Americagreat. It is the freedom to dissent, to rail against the incumbentpowers. This freedom to disagree is what makes us so special and itis this very freedom that is the very essence of America. What is theAmerican dream? Surely it is different for everyone. For some it iswealth and power. For others it is religious freedom and justice. Forothers it may be a roof over their heads. How has this nation beenable to provide these things... we shall see.

I. The American Dream
The American Dream was first publicly defined in 1931 by James Truslow Adams in Epic of America

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